Hex with Washer Self Drilling Screw

Head Type:  Hexagona Head

Point Type: Self Drilling

Thread Type:  Coarse / Fine / Wing Teks 

Screw Length: 9.5mm~127mm

Diameter: m3.5 / m3.9 / m4.2 / m4.8 / m5.5 / m6.3 

Finish: Black / Grey Phosphated,Yellow / Blue White Zinc
Small box or bulk in carton with or without pallet

Service: OEM/ODM is accepted

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Hex self drilling screws can vary – the smaller screws are used in applications like fixing thin gauge metals and fixing metal to wood. The larger screws are used in roofing and other industries which require self-drilling through tough metals. Our screws come in stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and other materials that prevent corrosion. If the hex head self-drilling screws are used in extremely hard materials, it is advised to use them after a pilot hole has been drilled.

Dimension drawing


  • Made of hardened carbon steel, the screws offer strong pullout strength to hold the roofing sheets.
  • Sealing washers help against water penetration.
  • Commonly with corrosion coating.
  • Different points for different applications.
  • Sharp points for easy to screw in and damage a little.
  • Drill points for screw-in hard metal structure.
  • Various colors of paint on heads for specific applications.
  • Can be drilled near the edge of roofing sheets.
  • Long life service.


  • Commonly used to fasten metal, plastic, and fiberglass roofing sheets to metal or wood structures: the roofing screws with drill points for metal structures and the ones with sharp points for wood structures.
  • Ideal for fastening the overlap roofing sheets.