Galvanized Shooting Nail with Steel Washer

Head Style: Round Head
Head Diameter: M1.2-M5.0

Material:50#/60# Steel

Shank Type: Knurled Shank
Shank Diameter: 5.0MM
Shank Length: 1/2″-10″
Surface Treatment: Electronic Galvanized (EG)
                                       Mechanically Galvanized (MG)
Service: OEM/ODM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Tons/Size
Packaging Details: Common export packing(Cartons+Pallets) or Customized Packing.
Delivery Time: 20-30 days
Supply Ability: 500 Tons Per Month

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Shooting Nail with Steel Washer


Shooting nails is gunpowder gas generated from launch blank as power, into the building of the nail. Shooting nail with steel washer are designed for permanently fastening a fixture to concrete, concrete over steel deck, concrete masonry walls and A36 or A572 / A992 structural steel. Usually by a nail and gear ring or plastic positioning of the retainer ring.Gear ring and plastic positioning the role of the retainer ring is fixed on the nail body publish or perish tube, in order to prevent fires cornering. knurled shank designs are available for installations in thick steel base materials.The fasteners are also available in with a electronic galvanized (EG) coating for use in treated lumber.The role of the ring gear and the plastic collar of the shank is fixed in the gun barrel, so as not to bias the firing side.

Suitable Base Materials

  • Steel
  • Normal-weight concrete
  • Concrete over steel deck
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Grouted concrete masonry
  • Hollow concrete masonry

Shooting Nail Features:

  • Pre-mounted steel washer offers maximum pull-over resistance for fastening soft materials to concrete
  • Suitable for soft to medium-hard concrete (up to 30 N/mm² concrete strength)
  • Suitable for fastening to concrete where high load values are not required
  • Best suited for fastening to concrete with a hardness of up to 4,000 psi
  • Fastener with pre-mounted washer providing a larger bearing surface for improved clamping of fastened material

General Applications

The shooting nail is a kind of nails which shooting the nail into the concrete or steel and other substrates, forming the fastening effect.

  • Fastening wood to concrete,such as plywood, wood battens, formwork, kicker plates,ect
  • Attaching a variety of materials to masonry block and concrete;
  • Fastening wood profiles to standard-strength concrete;
  • Fastening termination bars to secure waterproofing membrane or moisture barriers;
  • Build formwork boards, safety barriers

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