Hog Ring Staples

Material: carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel

Material model: Q235, 304, 316, 316L

Head type: C type, D type, M type

Diameter: 11–16 gauge

Open crown: 1/2″ – 3/4″

Closed diameter: 1/4″ – 3/8″

Point: sharp or blunt

Surface treatment: bright, electro galvanized, copper-plated

Sample: Accept

Service: OEM/ODM is accepted

Packing: Small box or bulk in carton with or without pallet

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Hog Ring Staples are made of heavy duty steel wire that can be bent while maintaining a strong holding power. According to the configuration, the hog ring staples can be divided into C type, D type and M type, and can be collated for pneumatic hog ring guns operation or loose-packed in a plastic bag for working with hog ring pliers. Installment can be realized just by placing the open end of the ring around the secured objects, then compress the hog ring into an circular shape. Thus create a efficient and sturdy connection for bedding production, wire mesh fencing, auto seating, etc.

Hog Ring Staples Detail

Dimension drawing

C Ring
Item No.Wire Diameter (inch)Crown (inch)Closed Hog Diameter (inch)Height (inch)
D Ring
Item No.Wire Diameter (inch)Crown (inch)Closed Hog Diameter (inch)Height (inch)
M Ring
Item No.Wire Diameter (inch)Crown (inch)Closed Hog Diameter (inch)Height (inch)

Hog Ring Staples Package&Size


  • Versatile for indoor & outdoor fastening projects.
  • Offer a more secure connection than traditional nails.
  • Adaptable to hog ring pliers or pneumatic hog ring guns.
  • Heavy duty steel wire is resistant to tear free.
  • Galvanized or copper plated for rust resistance.
  • Complete styles, gauges and sizes are available.


  • Shower curtain.
  • Fencing installation.
  • Costume design.
  • Meat packaging.
  • Carton binding.
  • Gabion box fixation.
  • Furniture making.

How To Install

  • Install rings into the magazine with the points directed outward
  • Pull the handles apart and carefully position the open ring over the piece you’ll fasten
  • Squeeze the handles using firm pressure until you feel the ring shift
  • Release the handles and make sure the ring is secure