F Bard Nails

Type: Brads MF, Brads F, Brads T

Head Style: Flat

Length: 6mm~50mm

Color: Zinc / Golden / Copper / Black

Width: 1.27mm

Thickness: 1.00mm

Head: 2.0mm

Shank Type: Smooth

Material: Low Carbon / Mediun CarBon / Stainless steel 


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F bard nails are made of thin 18-gauge metal wire, so the diameter is smaller than that of facing nails, and the fixing force is usually lower. F bard nails are more suitable for tasks such as light decorative strips and molding, panel installation and craftsmanship. The size of the F bard also helps prevent surface cracking, and if the fastener is too large to enter the surface, cracking may occur.

One of the benefits to an 18-gauge brad is its size. Because the head and diameter are relatively small, the nails are easier to hide in small pieces of wood trim. When the head is small, it is not even necessary to cover the insertion point with wood putty.In other words, 18-gauge brad nails provide a cleaner look than a finish nail without extra touch-up involved.

dimension drawing

T Bard Nails


  • Sometimes referred to as a wire nail.
  • F brad nails head is small enough.
  • The nail tip is very small, so it can prevent cracking during installation.
  • F brad nails can be hand-driven with a tack hammer, or shot in with a pneumatic nail gun or electric nail gun.
  • Use high-quality galvanized wire to press ercheng
  • F brad nails is rust protection, stable and tight characteristic is applicable for many other type standard nail guns.
  • Many type specifications available for choice which is applicable for various kinds of modern decorating project .


  • High strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High hardness
  • Great toughness
  • Antirust

T bard nail and F bard nail difference

The main difference between the F  bard nails and the T bard nails is that their wire diameters are different. They look like but are actually different. No matter the thread ends or straight lines, you can see the obvious difference if you look carefully.

General Applications

  • Furniture, interior decoration
  • Wood boards, slats, decorative lines
  • Doors and Windows, interior architecture
  • Cabinets, photo frame assembly
  • Hardwood decoration, glass beads
  • Joinery manufacturing, furniture manufacturing
  • Sofa,bed,packing, etc.