Chipboard Screw

Head Type: Countersunk / Double Head Countersunk

Thread Type: Single Thread

Drive: Philips / Pozi / Square / Torx

Material: C1022

Diameter: m3.0 / m3.5 / m4.0 / m5.0 / m6.0

Lenght: From 10 mm to 254 mm

Finish: Black / Grey Phosphated,Yellow / Blue White Zinc Plated,Nickel Plated,Dacromet,Ruspert 

Sample: Accept

Service: OEM/ODM is accepted

Packing: Small box or bulk in carton with or without pallet

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Chipboard screws are one of the self tapping screws, also called particleboard screws, chipboard flooring screws, which widely used to fasten low, medium and high density of chipboard, wood and metal sheet. Huazhen as a chipboard screw suppliers, we produce and export chipboard screws to all around the world, especially to Europe, South America, Asia and Middle East market.


Dimension Drawing


The advantages of these screws are numerous. Despite having very high tensile strength, these screws are easy to use and prevent the surface from cracking or splitting even without the use of a washer. In addition to that, they are temperature resistant, which means that they can retain their mechanical and electrical characteristics even at very high or very low temperatures. All these features drastically increase the service life of these screws.

  • Self cleaning coils that expel debris and particles during fixing
  • Special interior self-countersinking in certain measurements
  • Serrated thread on first thread strands to reduce installation torque
  • Angled tip to allow easy centring and penetration from any fixing position
  • Environmentally friendly Cr+6 free coating


Chipboard screws are most suitable for wood materials and suitable for the installation of power tools. At present, they are mainly used in furniture manufacturing, cabinets, and other fields.

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